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Long Beach Comic Con 2018




Long Beach Comic Con 2018

Event for Federation Conventions/Recruiting Tables – Hosted by Captain B. Cook and 2 others

It’s time for LBCC again. We have 4 free badges (all claimed), and up to 4 more badges can be purchased for $20 each (3 claimed). I’ve [Captain B.Cook] been “ordered” to show up to this one, but I was already planning on it anyways, so it works out. That means I’m claiming one of the free badges now. The other 3 have been claimed by the Admiral on Saturday, but they are still available for Sunday, should you want to come at no charge on that day
No details yet on where in the exhibit hall we will be located, but as more information comes in, I’ll keep updating this event. The one thing I do know, is parking will be $15 per vehicle, most likely without in and out privileges. So be prepared for that.

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