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Evacuations Spurred by Hurricane Rosa

VOLUNTARY Evacuation Locations:

  • Laguna
  • El Cariso
  • Amorose
  • Withrow A
  • Rice
  • AlberHill
  • Horsethief B
  • Glen Eden
  • Grace
  • Maitri
  • Glen Ivy
  • Lake Hemet
  • Hurkey Canyon
  • Apple Creek
  • Fleming Ranch
Press Enterprise reports that several areas in Lake Elsinore and Temescal Valley have had their voluntary evacuation advisories lifted, but warn that there is still the possibility of mud flows. These are the only specific locations I was able to dig up. Please note these are voluntary evacuations only at this time, however they could be changed to mandatory at any time.

If you choose to stay until the evacuation is mandatory (evacuation order is issued), then use this time to prepare to evacuate.

  • Back your car into the driveway, roll up all the windows, leave the doors unlocked.
  • Inform other family members you may need to evacuate.
  • Place pets in carriers and stage inside the home near the door (or for pets on leash, place pets on the leash and secure the leash inside the home near the door). Waiting until you have to evacuate may be too late as some pets may become scared and react by running from you.
  • Close all the windows in the home.
  • Gather important documents (insurance policies, marriage & birth certificates, etc.) as well as pictures, photo albums, etc. and stage them inside near the door.

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