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WhedonCon Volunteers (Please note KidFriendly event…):

  • March 1st is the deadline for ConOps or other area volunteers. I don’t have it this second I know I posted on my feed. the link for volunteers.
  • ALL individuals wishing to help at the con MUST sign up for legal reasons….to be included on the staff badge.
  • Otherwise you will be considered a day volunteer and will not have access to areas that staff will be able to.
  • Volunteers MUST signup online no more word of mouth …
  • 4 to a room for Volunteers Costs are roughly $100 a night. Confirmation of cost later. But rooms MUST be done on the Hotel’s site, not through the Con.
  • Parking is estimated $15 a day, not in the hotel, No in out ability, for those staying at the hotel, In/Out is allowed.
  • Room Booking for those helping at the Con Only…..
  • All those whom are returning to the event because they enjoyed and did their job… They will get a CompBadge…. Returning staff incentive.

Link for Volunteers (Staff)…/apply_step_1/whedoncon_2019

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